Innovate - Journal of online Education

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Innovate - Journal of online Education.

É uma publicação bi-mensal da Fischler School of Education and Human Services at Nova Southeastern University.

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- Teaching Social Software with Social Software
by Ulises Mejias

- Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom
by S. Pixy Ferris and Hilary Wilder

- MMOGs as Learning Environments:
An Ecological Journey into Quest Atlantis and The Sims Online
by Michael Young, P. G. Schrader, and Dongping Zheng

- Teachers' Perceptions of Video Games:
MMOGs and the Future of Preservice Teacher Education

"You cannot be literate in the 21st Century unless you are literate in all the media that are used to communicate." [C. Bazalgette]